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Chain of Responsibility

Cahill Transport are committed to the transport, handling and storage of containers and/or containerised & loose freight for our clients in the safest way possible to ensure safety for our loaders, receivers, dispatchers, contracted transporters, drivers, warehouse personnel and the general public to ensure safety for all within the supply chain.

To achieve this objective, Cahill Transport undertake to comply with all the Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation and regulations.

All staff directly handling freight at warehouses and/or those co-ordinating drivers and vehicles shall be educated to enable them to understand, participate in and maintain the Cahill Transport Chain of Responsibility system effectively.

Cahill Transport operate on Standard Hours Fatigue management to ensure driver health and well being. Under the COR Fatigue Management legislations (Sept 2008) all parties are responsible to ensure there are no breaches in driving hours and drivers are well rested and fit for work, you are responsible if you are

– The driver
– The employer of a driver
– The prime contractor of a driver
– The operator of a vehicle
– The schedular of goods for transport by the vehicle
– The schedular of the driver
– The consignor of goods for transport
– The consignee of goods for transport
– The loading and unloading manager of goods for transport (this includes managers & supervisors at the premises goods are loaded
– The loader and unloader of goods carried by the vehicle (this includes forklift operators

Cahill Transport neither expect or condone working in an unsafe manner or outside legal driving hours to meet timelines.

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