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The health and safety of our people is of the highest priority and cannot be compromised. Our objective is a workplace free of incidents and injuries. To achieve this we must all ensure our own safety and that of our fellow workers through an absolute commitment to safe work practices and a healthy work environment.

To deliver on our commitment, we will:

– communicate Cahill Transports Health and Safety Policy and procedures to all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate to ensure they are aware of their obligations with respect to Cahill Transports operations;

– comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, statutory obligations and other applicable requirements;

– ensure that health and safety management and practices are incorporated into all aspects of our operations;

– seek to achieve the personal commitment of all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to healthy and safe workplace practices;

– provide health and safety risk management systems and procedures that are relevant to the nature and scale of work undertaken;

– maintain and monitor health and safety performance indicators;

– set measurable targets and seek to continually improve our health and safety performance; and,

– periodically review and revise our Health and Safety Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance.

The well being of our employees and those working with us is of primary importance. It is the responsibility of all individuals to achieve a healthy and safe workplace.



To ensure we maintain a level of service that exceeds our client’s expectations, Cahill Transport set the following standards for all our drivers.

— All are required to undergo training programs that are designed so that the drivers have the appropriate education, training and experience to perform their designated tasks.

— All are trained and regularly updated in regards to occupational health and safety issues.

Cahill Transport uniforms must be worn at all times for ease of identification and professional appearance.

— All loads must be adequately secured and protected.

— All vehicles, including sub-contractors, are fitted with mobile telephones or two-way radios for instant access and the ability to notify us of any problems that they have encountered or envisage to allow us to plan and take the appropriate steps. It also allows us to ascertain the whereabouts of a load and the ability to redirect, if necessary.

— The drivers are responsible to ensure their vehicles are maintained in accordance with our scheduled maintenance program in order that they are in A1 roadworthy condition and reliable.

We have embodied the above standards in our ‘Driver Standards’ that are executed by all company-employed drivers and permanent sub-contractors.

Either direct employees or sub-contract owner-drivers drive the vehicles provided by Cahill Transport.

Because of the security of on-going work and their desire to be a part of a professional firm, driver turnover at Cahill Transport is very low with a 7-year average employment of drivers.

At Cahill Transport we have a very high priority on the interests and welfare of our drivers. In this regard, we have always worked very closely with the TWU and enjoy very good relationships with no record of industrial disputes. This has also ensured that there has been no disruption to our services to our clients.


Download the Cahill Pallet Policy


1. In these conditions:

“Carriage services” means the entire service the Company is requested to provide in relating to the goods including but not limited to loading, carriage, unloading and storage incidental to transit of the goods.
“Company” means Cahill Transport Australia Pty Ltd ACN 151 192 504
“Customer” means the party who engages the Company to carry goods or provide services.
“Goods” means the goods the Company is requested to carry and includes any packaging, container or pallet in or on which the goods are packed.
“Sub-contractor” means any person whom the Company arranges to provide carriage services and their employees, agents and sub-contractors.

2. The Company is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to store or to transport any goods.

3. All carriage services are provided upon these conditions only; and no variation of these conditions shall bind the Company unless it is in writing and signed by the Manager of the Company. No oral variation of these terms and conditions shall be effective or bind the Company in any way whatsoever.

4. The Company is authorised by the Customer to engage a sub-contractor to provide all or part of the carriage services. In that event the sub-contractor will be entitled to the full benefit of these conditions to the same extent as the Company and the Company is deemed to act as its agent and trustee in entering into the agreement with the Customer.

5. The Company may transport the goods by road, rail, sea or air or by any particular method as it considers appropriate in the circumstances. The Company may transport the goods by whatever route it considers appropriate, and it will not be liable for any deviation from any route originally planned for the transport of the goods.

6. The Company shall not be liable in tort or contract or otherwise for any loss of or damage to the goods, loss of market, loss of use or consequential loss or for any deterioration, misdelivery, failure or delay in the delivery of the goods in transit or in storage for any reason whatsoever, including negligence.

7. In the event that the Customer is not the owner of the goods the Customer warrants to the Company that he is duly authorised on behalf of the owner of the goods to act as his or its agent and to bind the owner of the goods to these conditions and the Customer agrees to indemnify the Company for any liability which it may incur to the owner of the goods arising out of or in any way relating to the carriage services.

8. Goods which are explosive, inflammable, noxious or otherwise dangerous (as classified in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code) will only be carried by the Company if fully described and disclosed by the Customer prior to provision of carriage services and must be delivered to the Company in containers suitable for their transport. In the event of the Customer failing to comply with this requirement it shall be liable to indemnify the Company for any loss or damage which it may suffer or liability which it may occur as a result.

9. In the event of any actual or potential damage occurring or appearing likely to occur to the goods the Company and its employees, sub-contractors or agents may take such steps as it or they consider reasonable in the circumstances in order to preserve or safeguard or salvage the goods and the Customer will indemnify the Company for all costs, expenses and charges which are incurred in so doing.

10. The obligation to pay for the carriage services shall arise upon the delivery of the goods to the Company for the performance of carriage services. If the charges are to be paid by some party other than the Customer and are not paid within 7 days of the performance of the carriage services the Company is entitled to recover those charges from the Customer.

11. If freight and other charges are not paid in relation to the provision of carriage services, the Company shall be entitled to exercise a lien over any goods delivered to it by the Customer in respect of unpaid freight or other charges due from the Customer to the Company in respect of those goods or in respect of any other goods previously the subject of carriage services provided by the Company, its employees, sub-contractors or agents for the Customer. The Company may detain and sell the goods and may retain from the sale proceeds the amount of unpaid freight and other charges and all costs relating to the detention and sale of the goods.

12. Delivery of the goods will be at the address provided to the Company by the Customer and if delivery cannot be made at that address during normal business hours then an additional charge will be payable for any consequential storage and further delivery attempts. A signed receipt or acknowledgement of delivery will constitute proof of delivery.

13. If under applicable State, territory or Commonwealth laws, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) conditions, warranties or guarantees are implied terms of the contract for the provision of carriage services and rights and remedies are conferred on consumers or small businesses which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement, then those rights and remedies are not excluded, excluded or modified except to the extent permitted by law.

14. The agreement for provision of carriage services will be governed by the laws of Victoria and any legal proceedings must be commenced against the Company within 6 months of the provision of the carriage services or the date upon which the carriage services should have been provided, failing which the Company will be discharged of any liability.

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