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Fatigue Management

The management of fatigue is a major issue for the Company and endeavours are made to ensure that our drivers are well looked after in this respect. The cornerstones of our Fatigue Management Policy are:

— The commitment to ensure every task given to a driver is comfortably legal in respect of legislated driving hours.

— A ‘no blame’ culture is encouraged within the organisation which allows drivers to rest as they need it, even if they still remain within their legislated driving hours.

— The implementation and consistent use of Driver Fatigue Management Plans to ensure drivers are aware of the Company’s commitment to fatigue management.

As stated in the OH&S statement, Cahill Transport does not condone or support in any way the use of any drugs or stimulants to compensate for the lack of appropriate rest. The implementation and regular program of random drug and alcohol testing ensures that all drivers and appropriate staff are tested on a regular basis.

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