Storage and security of inventory is one of the main cost drivers of any wholesale or retail business. At Cahill Transport, we work with our clients to develop a model most suited to their business needs.

The use of outside storage and outsourced warehousing operations is too often seen as excess cost, however when managed efficiently, it can be a significant cost reduction method for any business keeping their costs as variable as their income. It also has the advantage of releasing the business from the capital of owning their own premises.

Whether it is a wholesale to retail distribution method, a satellite distribution centre to support interstate warehouses or even a full out-sourced model, we will do our utmost to ensure our clients and their clients are serviced to the highest standard.

For a tour of one of facilities or to discuss your warehousing requirements, call our National Sales and Marketing Manager on (03) 9369 9555 to arrange an appointment.

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