Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace is at the core of who we are

Health & Safety Policy

At Cahill Transport, our commitment is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all workers and visitors, that commitment encompasses all facets of our organisation and is distilled in practice through our Mission Statement and Values.

Safety and Health, it is more than safe equipment, facilities and systems, it extends to ourselves and is demonstrated in our decisions and action. It is core to who we are and what we all do.

We all constantly strive for:

  • Industry leading Operational Risk performance
  • Safe facilities and equipment
  • Capable, passionate and safe industry specialists
  • Operational Risk programs championed by Management but owned by all
  • Open and inclusive communication and consultation
  • Meeting our obligations and responsibilities under relevant legislation
  • The elimination of hazards and reduction of risk
  • Plan, with objectives met through the provision of adequate resource

To get more information on our Safety & Compliance program contact us at safety@cahilltransport.com.au