Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace is at the core of who we are

Safety Cardinal Rules

Adherence to Safety Cardinal Rules helps keep us safe from identified life-threatening potential risks. A breach of these Safety Cardinal Rules will, based on a review of the Incident, result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Violence & Bullying
Violence, horseplay, harassment or bullying is strictly prohibited.

Mobile Equipment
Local exclusion zones and Procedures must always be adhered to. Only approach mobile equipment that is first stopped, from the side, at a safe distance and only after clear eye contact with the operator has been established.

Chain of Responsibility
Road law including Load Restraint, Mass Management and maintaining safe driving hours must always be adhered to.

Never interfere or use plant, equipment, facilities that have been tagged out, locked out or isolated.

Drugs and Alcohol
Being in the possession of and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited (as per the Cahill Transport Drug and Alcohol Policy).

Mobile Phone
Unauthorised mobile phone use in vehicles or operational areas is strictly prohibited.

Working at Heights
Fall protection must be in place/utilised when working at heights.

To get more information on our Safety & Compliance program contact us at safety@cahilltransport.com.au