Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace is at the core of who we are

Site Safety Cardinal Rules

Adherence to Site Safety Rules helps keep us safe from identified safety hazards on site. A breach of these workplace rules will be managed in accordance with the current disciplinary Policy.

All injuries, hazards, incidents, near misses must be reported immediately.

The required Personal Protective Equipment is to be worn properly at all times while on this site.

Marked and designated walkways must be adhered to at all times.

Site speed limits and seat belt use
These safety rules must be adhered to at all times.

Pre-Start Checks
Must be conducted before operating any mobile plant or machinery.

Mobile phones & Portable music devices
Social use of mobile phones is not permitted, other than during allocated breaks and in non-operational areas. For persons in charge, or during emergencies, phone calls must only be made after stopping the operational activity and moving to a safe location.

Smoking is strictly prohibited except in designated smoking areas.

To get more information on our Safety & Compliance program contact us at safety@cahilltransport.com.au